Here Is New York Collection


“here is new york” was a seminal series of traveling exhibitions, which featured both amateur and professional photography relating to the World Trade Center attacks of September 11, 2001. Organized by Michael Shulan, Charles Traub, Gilles Peress, and Alice Rose George, the photographs were first collected and displayed in an informal exhibition in a SoHo storefront in the days immediately following the attacks. The "here is new york" collection includes a complete set of photographs from an exhibition, as well as the business documents, some correspondence, and background materials held by the corporation.


1988 - 2005

General Physical Description

Twelve boxes.

Scope and Contents

The Here Is New York Collection contains inventoried photographic prints from the exhibition of the same title, as well as unsorted test or study printings, a few original collages and photographs, press releases and clippings, business certificates and correspondence, legal documents, inventories, digital files, and miscellaneous media not directly related to the exhibition (magazines and videos presumably used for research). Series 1. This series contains a single set, in two boxes, of photographic prints that were first exhibited in Houston, Texas in 2002. The selection of 500 photographs represents one of many iterations of the Here Is New York exhibition. Each photograph is identified with a number which is indexed to photographer's name in the finding aid. Additional information, principally concerned with copyright but also often including contact information ca. 2005 can be found in two locations: digital spreadsheets (Series 5, Subseries B) and the original physical inventories (Series 5, Subseries A). Series 2. This series contains a single set, in two boxes, of photographic prints that were first exhibited in Bremen, Germany in 2002. The contents of the set are duplicates of those in series 1, with some omissions, and the additions as noted in the container list. Series 3. Here Is New York, Inc. referred to alternates and seconds as "study prints;" these may not have been considered "originals" in the sense of the prints that were exhibited and sold through the website. Composed of approximately 1000 prints, they are unidentified and unordered but represent significant overlap with the materials in Series 1. The fineness of their condition varies. Series 4. This series contains a small number of original photorgraphs in the form of both slides and chromogenic (non-inkjet) prints. This series also includes original art (e.g., collages) that was submitted to the project but was not exhibited. Series 5. Press coverage was studiously documented by Here Is New York, Inc.: this series contains clippings from local and international magazines and newspapers. They have been ordered in the same sequence they were received. Series 6. Internal files Subseries A: Business documents includes official correspondence, including the bylaws of the corporation, approval of non-profit status, letters referring to grants awarded to the project and the donations it received, as well as everyday correspondence (largely email print-outs) concerning administrative issues. This subseries is restricted. Subseries B. Digital files include medium-resolution scans for all of the photographs in series 1, though it is unclear if they include scans for all 4000 or so images that were accepted by Here Is New York and exhibited in the alternate exhibitions. Some data formats -- primarily for Microsoft Office applications -- are also included, in their original arrangement. In both cases, the data exist on original CDs and on a centralized data server, except one floppy disk for which we do not have mirrored data. Subseries C. In addition to the above materials, the donation also included magazines, clippings, VHS tapes and DVDs relating to the World Trade Center, the events of 11 September 2001, historical acts of similar scope, or exhibitions of similar character.


Photographs in series 1 and 2 have been reordered ordered according to sequence of their inventory, all other materials are ordered as they were received.


This collection is open for research. Reproduction rights are limited.


The here is new york collection is the physical property of the Milton Glaser Design Study Center and Archives. For information on obtaining permission to publish or reproduce, contact the Archivist.


Here Is New York Collection, [series. item]. School of Visual Arts Archives, Visual Arts Foundation, New York.

Acquisition Information

The Here Is New York Collection was acquired as a gift from Charles Traub, Here Is New York, Inc.

Container list
B2 "Here Is New York," by E. B. White. Cover reproduction.
B2 "Here Is New York," title card.
B2 I2763Photograph by Agam, Ron
B1 I569Photograph by Agou, Christophe
B1 I590Photograph by Agou, Christophe
B1 I592Photograph by Agou, Christophe
B1 I1235Photograph by Alatriste, William
B1 I1236Photograph by Alatriste, William
B1 I878Photograph by Alexander, Heide Lee
B2 I5573Photograph by Alfred, Will
B1 I333Photograph by Allee, David
B2 I5583Photograph by Allen, Lisa
B2 I5598Photograph by Aloisio, Richard
B2 I5317Photograph by Anderson, Roy
B2 I6255Photograph by Andolino, Frank
B1 I1825Photograph by Andrus, Eric
B1 I265Photograph by Arcieri, Jerry
B1 I267Photograph by Arcieri, Jerry
B1 I269Photograph by Arcieri, Jerry
B1 I1118Photograph by Arden-Wong, Melissa
B2 I7643Photograph by Arnold, Christopher C.
B2 I5183Photograph by Artigala, Leandro
B1 I370Photograph by Artz, Andrea
B2 I2916Photograph by Atwood, Jane Evelyn
B2 I6239Photograph by Barlow, Tom
B1 I2171Photograph by Barron, Megan
B2 I5431Photograph by Bates, Amanda
B2 I5432Photograph by Bates, Amanda
B2 I5266Photograph by Bazzy, Sihan
B2 I5900Photograph by Beatty, Bill
B1 I2478Photograph by Beitler, Maureen
B2 I2856Photograph by Bereczky, Csaba
B2 I7699Photograph by Berger, Melissa
B2 I3201Photograph by Berkwitz, David
B2 I7749Photograph by Berkwitz, David
B1 I2431Photograph by Berman, Robby
B2 I5772Photograph by Berman, Robby
B2 I5773Photograph by Berman, Robby
B2 I6500Photograph by Bernhaut, Nancy
B1 I327Photograph by Bigelow, Todd
B1 I328Photograph by Bigelow, Todd
B1 I337Photograph by Bigelow, Todd
B2 I5363Photograph by Blanchard, James
B1 I1424Photograph by Blickenstaff, Jacob
B2 I7150Photograph by Boer, Sandra
B2 I3086Photograph by Booher, Andrea
B2 I3089Photograph by Booher, Andrea
B2 I3099Photograph by Booher, Andrea
B2 I5361Photograph by Boyle, Stephen
B1 I1342Photograph by Brandt, Damon
B2 I5775Photograph by Briendel, Louis
B2 I5776Photograph by Briendel, Louis
B1 I123Photograph by Brooks, Kyle R.
B2 I6250Photograph by Brooks, Pauletta
B1 I796Photograph by Buehler, Phillip
B2 I6045Photograph by Burke, Peter
B2 I7640Photograph by Callis, Chris
B1 I1810Photograph by Camacho, Andrew J.
B2 I6213Photograph by Carleton, Marie-Helene
B2 I6214Photograph by Carleton, Marie-Helene
B2 I5449Photograph by Carter, William J.
B1 I194Photograph by Caskey, Antrim
B2 I6360Photograph by Cassuto, Ellisa
B2 I6133Photograph by Chatman, Dan
B2 I7217Photograph by Chernikowski, Stephanie
B2 I5315Photograph by Clancy, Jeremiah
B2 I5438Photograph by Cohen, Richard
B1 I2361Photograph by Cohen, Richard H.
B1 I2365Photograph by Cohen, Richard H.
B1 I2366Photograph by Cohen, Richard H.
B1 I2367Photograph by Cohen, Richard H.
B1 I2368Photograph by Cohen, Richard H.
B2 I7817Photograph by Colon, John A.
B2 I7819Photograph by Colon, John A.
B2 I7820Photograph by Colon, John A.
B1 I2280Photograph by Colwell, Cynthia
B2 I7510Photograph by Constantine, Paul
B1 I998Photograph by Cooper, Justine
B1 I813Photograph by Corso, Joseph
B1 I814Photograph by Corso, Joseph
B1 I956Photograph by Cox, Nigel
B1 I1558Photograph by Cunningham, Bruce
B2 I3135Photograph by Daley, Kevin A.
B2 I5075Photograph by Daniti, Peter
B1 I1682Photograph by Davies, Paul
B1 I512Photograph by Davies, Sally
B2 I7807Photograph by Day, Jeff
B2 I7815Photograph by Day, Jeff
B2 I7166Photograph by Dekker, Michael
B2 I5440Photograph by Del Brenna, Giovanni
B2 I5441Photograph by Del Brenna, Giovanni
B2 I5442Photograph by Del Brenna, Giovanni
B1 I714Photograph by Derek, Robert
B2 I5357Photograph by Diana, Allison
B1 I116Photograph by Donaldson, Benjamin
B1 I199Photograph by Donaldson, Benjamin
B2 I3349Photograph by Doremus, Wendy
B2 I5018Photograph by Dove, Simon P. Ferraro
B2 I6237Photograph by Dubitsky, Rod
B1 I125Photograph by Dunkin, Gary
B2 I5447Photograph by Dwyer, Michael
B2 I6907Photograph by Eberly, James
B2 I3385Photograph by Economopoulos, Ariste
B2 I3386Photograph by Economopoulos, Ariste
B2 I3390Photograph by Economopoulos, Ariste
B2 I3391Photograph by Economopoulos, Ariste
B2 I3392Photograph by Economopoulos, Ariste
B2 I3393Photograph by Economopoulos, Ariste
B2 I2531Photograph by Eichinger, Thom
B1 I2194Photograph by Esbensen, Johan
B2 I7213Photograph by Eshelman, Charles
B2 I3460Photograph by Evans, Guy
B1 I1634Photograph by Fabiano, Gary
B1 I1635Photograph by Fabiano, Gary
B1 I1636Photograph by Fabiano, Gary
B1 I2076Photograph by Fadek, Timothy
B1 I1073Photograph by Fain, Lisa
B1 I1301Photograph by Fajardo, Roland
B2 I5188Photograph by Falco, Richard
B1 I2200Photograph by Fanelli, Daniel
B2 I5159Photograph by Fein, David
B1 I2207Photograph by Feldman, Abigail
B1 I2336Photograph by Finke, Brian
B1 I2338Photograph by Finke, Brian
B1 I2339Photograph by Finke, Brian
B1 I1147Photograph by Finkel, Alan
B2 I2876Photograph by Fisch, Robert
B2 I5137Photograph by Foley, Peter
B2 I5139Photograph by Foley, Peter
B2 I6178Photograph by Foley, Peter
B2 I6184Photograph by Foley, Peter
B2 I7577Photograph by Foley, Peter
B1 I625Photograph by Forgash, Adam
B1 I627Photograph by Forgash, Adam
B1 I632Photograph by Forgash, Adam
B1 I2306Photograph by Foster, Glenn
B1 I2308Photograph by Foster, Glenn
B2 I2868Photograph by Foster, Glenn
B2 I2873Photograph by Foster, Glenn
B2 I2874Photograph by Foster, Glenn
B2 I5134Photograph by Fournier, Frank
B2 I6107Photograph by Franzen, Harald
B2 I2786Photograph by George, Fred
B2 I2788Photograph by George, Fred
B2 I6456Photograph by Gerlach, Linda
B2 I7212Photograph by Geronemus, Hillary
B2 I5529Photograph by Glasier, Christopher
B2 I6639Photograph by Glickstein, Carolyn
B2 I5073Photograph by Goldemberg, David
B1 I1758Photograph by Goodman, Jason
B2 I5551Photograph by Goodstein, Doug
B1 I1169Photograph by Gordon, Wendy
B1 I1624Photograph by Gordon, Wendy
B2 I7004Photograph by Gould, Jason
B1 I879Photograph by Green, Geoff
B2 I5708Photograph by Greenberg, Joel
B2 I5711Photograph by Greenberg, Joel
B1 I2233Photograph by Griffiths, Pamela
B2 I2928Photograph by Grinker, Lori
B2 I2930Photograph by Grinker, Lori
B2 I2931Photograph by Grinker, Lori
B1 I281Photograph by Grossman, Paul
B1 I233Photograph by Gruen, John Jonas
B1 I237Photograph by Gruen, John Jonas
B1 I1857Photograph by Guiro, Idrissa
B1 I743Photograph by Gunther, Matt
B2 I5858Photograph by Haagen, Andrew
B1 I817Photograph by Handler, Meg
B1 I964Photograph by Hankin, Hazel
B1 I2469Photograph by Hanstein Cunniffe, Jane
B2 I2579Photograph by Hardt, Deborah
B1 I2266Photograph by Harynes, Tracey
B2 I6659Photograph by Haskell Paff, Diana
B1 I943Photograph by Hayon, Jonathan
B1 I18Photograph by Hemmerle, Sean
B1 I104Photograph by Hemmerle, Sean
B1 I106Photograph by Hemmerle, Sean
B1 I362Photograph by Hemmerle, Sean
B2 I7120Photograph by Hemmerle, Sean
B2 I6060Photograph by Herbstreith, Charles
B2 I2523Photograph by Hinton, Thomas
B1 I2514Photograph by Hirsch, Steven
B2 I2515Photograph by Hirsch, Steven
B1 I582Photograph by Hoepker, Thomas
B1 I583Photograph by Hoepker, Thomas
B2 I5101Photograph by Hollenshead, Samuel
B2 I5102Photograph by Hollenshead, Samuel
B2 I5103Photograph by Hollenshead, Samuel
B2 I5416Photograph by Hopkins, Chanda
B2 I7062Photograph by Hopkins, James
B1 I501Photograph by Howell, Sabrina
B2 I2707Photograph by Hubble, Christopher
B2 I7754Photograph by Huber, Lee
B2 I5683Photograph by Hunter, Brad
B2 I5564Photograph by Hupert, Nathaniel
B2 I5013Photograph by Iaquilino, Nunzio
B1 I896Photograph by Isik, Hatice-Nazan
B1 I2173Photograph by Isik, Hatice-Nazan
B1 I2175Photograph by Isik, Hatice-Nazan
B2 I6405Photograph by Jacobson, Michael
B1 I1524Photograph by Jaffe, Ellen K.
B1 I1525Photograph by Jaffe, Ellen K.
B2 I5380Photograph by Jayakumar, Shan
B1 I1482Photograph by Johnson, Linda
B1 I1258Photograph by Jones, Bronston
B1 I673Photograph by Jones, Clark
B1 I811Photograph by Jugans, Chuck
B1 I812Photograph by Jugans, Chuck
B1 I644Photograph by Kahn, Steve
B2 I5116Photograph by Kaplan, Joel
B2 I5085Photograph by Kaplowitz, Ellen
B1 I1Photograph by Keifel, Holger
B1 I2Photograph by Keifel, Holger
B1 I3Photograph by Keifel, Holger
B1 I4Photograph by Keifel, Holger
B1 I5Photograph by Keifel, Holger
B2 I5176Photograph by Kelly, Brian
B2 I5178Photograph by Kelly, Brian
B1 I292Photograph by Kereszi, Lisa
B1 I293Photograph by Kereszi, Lisa
B1 I294Photograph by Kereszi, Lisa
B1 I1295Photograph by Kerr, J. Mickey
B1 I1769Photograph by Klein, Tammy
B1 I1781Photograph by Klein, Tammy
B2 I5974Photograph by Klein, Tammy
B2 I5976Photograph by Klein, Tammy
B2 I6007Photograph by Klein, Tammy
B2 I7412Photograph by Klein, Tammy
B2 I5401Photograph by Kraimer, Beth
B2 I3145Photograph by Kretschmer, Hugh
B2 I6170Photograph by Kropa, Andy
B1 I1898Photograph by Kuhl, David
B1 I371Photograph by Ladd, Jeffrey
B1 I1331Photograph by Langatta, Salim
B1 I1334Photograph by Langatta, Salim
B1 I1554Photograph by Lass, Imke
B1 I1521Photograph by LeFande, Richard
B1 I870Photograph by Lee, Jin
B1 I872Photograph by Lee, Jin
B1 I873Photograph by Lee, Jin
B2 I5999Photograph by Lemakis, Emilie
B2 I6017Photograph by Leritz, James
B2 I6021Photograph by Leritz, James
B2 I6022Photograph by Leritz, James
B1 I450Photograph by Leuthold, Catherine
B1 I658Photograph by Leuthold, Catherine
B1 I666Photograph by Leuthold, Catherine
B1 I607Photograph by Leutwyler, Henry
B2 I2532Photograph by Leventhal, Rachel
B2 I2540Photograph by Leventhal, Rachel
B2 I2547Photograph by Leventhal, Rachel
B2 I2569Photograph by Leventhal, Rachel
B2 I2570Photograph by Leventhal, Rachel
B2 I2571Photograph by Leventhal, Rachel
B2 I3081Photograph by Lewin, Janis
B1 I1552Photograph by Libin, Charles
B1 I323Photograph by Lichtenstein, Andrew
B1 I1869Photograph by Liopwcec, Alex
B2 I6823Photograph by Lipinski, Gregory
B2 I5681Photograph by Liu, Yujian
B2 I5993Photograph by Liu, Yujian
B2 I3474Photograph by Locke, Benjamin
B2 I5461Photograph by Lopez, Steven
B2 I6451Photograph by Lujan, Luis
B2 I5140Photograph by Luymes, Ken
B2 I5141Photograph by Luymes, Ken
B2 I7715Photograph by Lynch, Amanda
B2 I5375Photograph by Lyons, Mary
B2 I5143Photograph by MacLeod, Don
B2 I6307Photograph by Malecki, Lee
B1 I2310Photograph by Manes, Paul
B1 I2311Photograph by Manes, Paul
B1 I2312Photograph by Manes, Paul
B1 I948Photograph by Manis, Jay
B1 I2087Photograph by Manuel, Anna
B2 I3022Photograph by Matulis, Paul
B1 I1121Photograph by McCafferty, Patrick
B1 I1456Photograph by McCawley, Kevin
B1 I1489Photograph by McCollester, Darren
B2 I6630Photograph by McGathey, Randolph
B2 I6631Photograph by McGathey, Randolph
B1 I1495Photograph by McInnes, Iain
B1 I1344Photograph by McKitterick, Tom
B2 I5873Photograph by McPherson, Lara
B2 I5784Photograph by Meek, Rebecca
B2 I7414Photograph by Meisel, Ron
B1 I987Photograph by Meiselas, Susan
B1 I988Photograph by Meiselas, Susan
B2 I6532Photograph by Meltzer, Steven
B1 I21Photograph by Mermelstein, Jeff
B1 I87Photograph by Mermelstein, Jeff
B1 I216Photograph by Mermelstein, Jeff
B1 I218Photograph by Mermelstein, Jeff
B1 I219Photograph by Mermelstein, Jeff
B1 I225Photograph by Mermelstein, Jeff
B2 I6479Photograph by Mery, Michel
B2 I6177Photograph by Meserve, Scott
B1 I251Photograph by Millard, Peter
B1 I253Photograph by Millard, Peter
B1 I2462Photograph by Miller, George
B2 I6080Photograph by Miller, Neil
B1 I1223Photograph by Mise, Tetsuro
B2 I6287Photograph by Mitchell, Patricia
B2 I5781Photograph by Montagna, Lori
B1 I846Photograph by Morgan, Jean Ann
B1 I1440Photograph by Mozes, Laura
B1 I2298Photograph by Murphy, John
B1 I2132Photograph by Murphy, Robert
B2 I5202Photograph by Myers, Sam
B2 I5203Photograph by Myers, Sam
B2 I6139Photograph by Myers, Sam
B1 I785Photograph by Nederlander, Eric
B1 I1224Photograph by Newton, Roger
B1 I2181Photograph by Nilsson, Thomas
B2 I5061Photograph by Noonan, John
B2 I6236Photograph by Nunez, William D.
B1 I1055Photograph by O'Brien, James
B1 I1175Photograph by O'Donnell, Beth
B1 I2348Photograph by Odman, Per-Olof
B1 I2501Photograph by Olender, Adria M.
B1 I252Photograph by Opton, Suzanne
B1 I687Photograph by Opton, Suzanne
B1 I730Photograph by Palmer, Earle
B1 I1351Photograph by Paltera, Stefano
B1 I151Photograph by Parlapiano, Pamela
B2 I7500Photograph by Patsos, Christopher
B1 I611Photograph by Peress, Gilles
B1 I613Photograph by Peress, Gilles
B1 I619Photograph by Peress, Gilles
B1 I620Photograph by Peress, Gilles
B1 I624Photograph by Peress, Gilles
B1 I287Photograph by Perich Pascal
B1 I1534Photograph by Pfriender Stylander, Stephanie
B1 I1910Photograph by Pikar, Syndi
B1 I2127Photograph by Pinsker, Enid
B2 I7766Photograph by Pisciotta, Joseph
B1 I830Photograph by Plaitakis, Niko
B1 I1491Photograph by Platt, Spencer
B1 I2385Photograph by Poire, Michelle
B1 I190Photograph by Powell, Gus
B1 I823Photograph by Powell, Gus
B2 I7416Photograph by Press, Richard
B2 I7417Photograph by Press, Richard
B2 I7418Photograph by Press, Richard
B2 I7419Photograph by Press, Richard
B2 I7420Photograph by Press, Richard
B2 I3025Photograph by Price, Kelly
B2 I3026Photograph by Price, Kelly
B2 I2743Photograph by Pusenjak, Igor
B2 I5088Photograph by Rabanne, Roberto
B2 I5090Photograph by Rabanne, Roberto
B1 I1487Photograph by Raedle, Joe
B1 I1488Photograph by Raedle, Joe
B1 I788Photograph by Remler, Brandon
B1 I1180Photograph by Reyes, Jaime
B2 I2811Photograph by Ricca, Marco
B1 I1044Photograph by Ricci, Roberto
B1 I1701Photograph by Rieger, Michael
B1 I1708Photograph by Rieger, Michael
B1 I1710Photograph by Rieger, Michael
B2 I3368Photograph by Rieger, Michael
B2 I3373Photograph by Rieger, Michael
B2 I3376Photograph by Rieger, Michael
B1 I2099Photograph by Roche, Alexander
B1 I2463Photograph by Rodriguez, Antonio
B1 I177Photograph by Rodriguez, Joseph
B1 I178Photograph by Rodriguez, Joseph
B1 I180Photograph by Rodriguez, Joseph
B1 I184Photograph by Rodriguez, Joseph
B1 I187Photograph by Rodriguez, Joseph
B2 I5114Photograph by Rosario, Jose
B2 I6049Photograph by Rose, Dany
B2 I5122Photograph by Rothenberg, Debra L.
B2 I5293Photograph by Rudnick, Diane
B1 I246Photograph by Rutkowski, Richard
B1 I840Photograph by Rutkowski, Richard
B2 I7394Photograph by Rutkowski, Richard
B2 I5991Photograph by Ryan, Tom
B2 I2837Photograph by Samoilova, Gulnara
B2 I2839Photograph by Samoilova, Gulnara
B2 I2840Photograph by Samoilova, Gulnara
B2 I2841Photograph by Samoilova, Gulnara
B2 I2857Photograph by Samoilova, Gulnara
B2 I6722Photograph by Sampson, James
B2 I3300Photograph by Samuels, Charlie
B1 I927Photograph by Savino, Tony
B2 I5977Photograph by Schimmel, Avigail
B2 I5613Photograph by Schindler, Daniel
B2 I5469Photograph by Schles, Ken
B2 I2979Photograph by Scholl, Fred
B2 I2984Photograph by Scholl, Fred
B2 I7869Photograph by Schulman, Lowell
B1 I176Photograph by Schwartz, Elliot
B1 I212Photograph by Schwartz, Elliot
B2 I5769Photograph by Seccombe, David
B1 I1539Photograph by Seibert, Amy
B2 I5397Photograph by Sekine, Maki
B1 I1078Photograph by Seliger, Mark
B1 I1082Photograph by Seliger, Mark
B1 I1083Photograph by Seliger, Mark
B1 I2496Photograph by Seligman, Helene
B2 I5956Photograph by Serben, Andrew
B2 I5558Photograph by Shaman, David
B2 I7777Photograph by Shaman, David
B2 I2944Photograph by Shaw, Rachel
B1 I749Photograph by Sheehan, Beowulf
B1 Photograph by Shulan, Michael
B2 I3407Photograph by Silverthorne, Jeffrey
B2 I3150Photograph by Simoni, Gianluca
B2 I3154Photograph by Simoni, Gianluca
B2 I5986Photograph by Simpson, Donald, Jr.
B1 I1719Photograph by Simpson, Joel
B2 I6361Photograph by Smart, Maxeen
B2 I6362Photograph by Smart, Maxeen
B2 I2958Photograph by Sperduto, Tom
B2 I2961Photograph by Sperduto, Tom
B2 I5194Photograph by Stauch, Kelly
B1 I587Photograph by Sternfeld, Joel
B2 I5121Photograph by Stolarik, Robert
B2 I5130Photograph by Stolarik, Robert
B2 I5474Photograph by Strobel, Kristina
B1 I1318Photograph by Stubbert, Gabrielle
B2 I5684Photograph by Sullivan, Richard
B2 I5688Photograph by Sullivan, Richard
B1 I1793Photograph by Summerbell, Dierdre
B2 I6271Photograph by Szatmari, Phebe W.
B1 I2001Photograph by Talaie, Ramin
B1 I1483Photograph by Tama, Mario
B1 I1486Photograph by Tama, Maro
B2 I7288Photograph by Tannery, Fred R.
B2 I5092Photograph by Tapes, Michael
B2 I6749Photograph by Tavitas, Joseph R.
B1 I1422Photograph by Thompson, Beverly
B1 I509Photograph by Tillman, Denton
B1 I1250Photograph by Tischler, Erik
B1 I901Photograph by Torgovnik, Jonathan
B1 I904Photograph by Torgovnik, Jonathan
B1 I571Photograph by Towell, Larry
B1 I572Photograph by Towell, Larry
B1 I574Photograph by Towell, Larry
B1 I575Photograph by Towell, Larry
B1 I577Photograph by Towell, Larry
B2 I2803Photograph by Tran, Quyen
B1 I350Photograph by Traub, Charles
B1 I356Photograph by Traub, Charles
B1 I373Photograph by Traub, Charles
B1 I376Photograph by Traub, Charles
B1 I748Photograph by Traub, Charles
B2 I5545Photograph by Traversa, Ana
B2 I6572Photograph by Troy, Danielle
B1 I1150Photograph by Tsang, Carson
B2 I3273Photograph by Tseng, Linda
B1 I7Photograph by Turnley, David
B1 I8Photograph by Turnley, David
B1 I11Photograph by Turnley, David
B1 I12Photograph by Turnley, David
B1 I13Photograph by Turnley, David
B1 I14Photograph by Turnley, David
B1 I16Photograph by Turnley, David
B1 I358Photograph by Turnley, David
B1 I1660Photograph by Turnley, David
B1 I1667Photograph by Turnley, David
B1 I19Photograph by Turnley, Peter
B1 I24Photograph by Turnley, Peter
B1 I30Photograph by Turnley, Peter
B1 I34Photograph by Turnley, Peter
B1 I1727Photograph by Turnley, Peter
B2 I5670Photograph by Unruh, Lesley
B2 I5574Photograph by Van Tine, Dennis
B2 I5575Photograph by Van Tine, Dennis
B2 I5576Photograph by Van Tine, Dennis
B2 I6498Photograph by Vega, David
B2 I5224Photograph by Vicente, LoPreto
B2 I3251Photograph by Vichitlakaka, Ekasit Kaz
B2 I5069Photograph by Villaneuva, Tanya
B1 I1130Photograph by Voeten, Teun
B2 I2698Photograph by Vollmer, Enzo
B2 I7045Photograph by Von Holden, Mark
B1 I297Photograph by Webb, Alex
B1 I298Photograph by Webb, Alex
B1 I1621Photograph by Weisberger, Katie
B2 I2562Photograph by Wexler, Lee E.
B2 I2989Photograph by Wheeldon, James
B2 I5475Photograph by Wides, Susan
B1 I1619Photograph by Wiley, Steve
B1 I1647Photograph by Witty, Patrick
B1 I1648Photograph by Witty, Patrick
B1 I2376Photograph by Woodward, Adam
B1 I841Photograph by Wurman, Tony
B1 I842Photograph by Wurman, Tony
B2 I6910Photograph by Xax, Xax
B2 I3473Photograph by Yasiejko, Christopher
B1 I1292Photograph by Yoshi
B2 I5026Photograph by Youngberg, Mark
B2 I5748Photograph by Yuan, Seldon Shi Chi
B2 I5241Photograph by Yurman, Evan
B2 I5246Photograph by Yurman, Evan
B1 I2438Photograph by Zajac, Jaroslaw
B1 I1900Photograph by Zernike, Harry
B2 I7012Photograph by Zernike, Harry
B1 I2289Photograph by Zimmerman, Douglas
B12 I5429Photograph by Bailey, Michael
B12 I2473Photograph by Bruff, Jay
B12 I796Photograph by Buehler, Phillip
B12 I194Photograph by Caskey, Antrim
B12 I6588Photograph by Cotsifas, Anthony
B12 I3383Photograph by Economopoulos, Aristide
B12 I2074Photograph by Fadek, Timothy
B12 I2075Photograph by Fadek, Timothy
B12 I5187Photograph by Falco, Richard
B12 I1934Photograph by Farinacci, George
B12 I5912Photograph by Force, Ronald
B12 I5232Photograph by Gillman, Mark
B12 I264Photograph by Hemmerle, Sean
B12 I2513Photograph by Hirsch, Steven
B12 I5100Photograph by Hollenshead, Samuel
B12 I1526Photograph by Jaffe, Ellen K.
B12 I2104Photograph by Kapoor, Heera
B12 I294Photograph by Kereszi, Lisa
B12 I291Photograph by Lichtenstein, Andrew
B12 I323Photograph by Lichtenstein, Andrew
B13 I7714Photograph by Lynch, Amanda
B12 I3292Photograph by McCrary, Kevin
B12 I1885Photograph by Megginson, Felicia
B12 I225Photograph by Mermelstein, Jeff
B12 I5022Photograph by Narkis, Sally
B12 I1088Photograph by Parker, Phillip
B12 I6460Photograph by Remler, Brandon
B12 I5122Photograph by Rothenberg, Debra L.
B12 I2623Photograph by Schwere, Frank
B12 I2161Photograph by Smith, Sharon
B12 I3549Photograph by Stapleton, Shannon
B12 I3553Photograph by Stapleton, Shannon
B12 I5126Photograph by Stolarik, Robert
B12 I5128Photograph by Stolarik, Robert
B12 I1484Photograph by Surowiecki, David
B12 I1485Photograph by Tama, Mario
B12 I505Photograph by Tillman, Denton
B12 I11Photograph by Turnley, David
B12 I954Photograph by Waldman, Sacha
B12 I299Photograph by Webb, Alex
B12 I110Photograph by Wentzy, James
B12 I2988Photograph by Wheeldon, James
B12 I2378Photograph by Woodward, Adam
B3 Contact sheets marked Arles, Photo paper, 16.5 x 12.
B3 Mixed contact sheets, notes on press materials, Photo prints, notes in pencil on photo paper, 16.5 x 12.
B3 Photo prints, unmarked, 16.5 x 12 , , 16.5 x 12
B4 Photo prints, unmarked
B5 Assorted slides, Color 35mm positive slides
B5 Collages by Jozef Batus (2 different), Mixed materials on commercial postcards, 6 x 4.
B5 Photograph by Victor Schlager (loafers), Chromogenic print, 8 x 10
B6 "Depths of Field: 'Engaged' Documentary Photojournalism and the Here Is New York: A Democracy of Photographs Exhibition." An honors thesis for a photojournalism plan of study major by Jennifer Diana Harris. Tufts University, 2002.
B6 "Exhibition materials, promotional text, etc. "
B5 "Here Is New York: A Democracy of Photographs at the Corcoran Gallery of Art (Presented by Target Stores) -- Briefing Book"
B5 "Here is New York: A Democracy of Photographs at the Corcoran Gallery Fact Sheet", White folders (3)
B6 "Misc exhibition photos"
B5 "Misc press and reviews"
B6 "Misc press packets"
B6 Assorted loose clippings (2 folders)
B6 Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung (Dusseldorf exhibition press materials)
B5 Original binder of clippings (largely xeroxes of mainstream press coverage), One-inch binder with plastic sleeves
Subseries B. Digital files
B7 Certificate of incorporation
B7 Children's Aid Fund (correspondence)
B8 Childrens' cards sent to Here Is New York (note reads "school in Texas?")
B9 Corporate records (black binder with slipcover)
B8 Correspondence (original order)
B8 Here Is New York phone script
B7 International Center of Photography, Infinity Award 2002
B7 Legal documents
B7 Misc address books, schedules, cards, correspondence, etc.
B7 Misc inkjet reproductions of World Trade Center photographs, ca. 1988
B9 Various inventories of the photographs, with reproduction rights information, contact info, etc. Historical versions.
B10A, 10B, 10C Magazines, VHS tapes, DVDs with research materials related to 9/11 (though not directly about Here Is New York—those materials in series 4).
Plans of World Trade Center (rolled)